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Recommended Reading
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A Faith Built On Sand

The Foolishness of Popular Religion in a Postmodern Age
 By: Phil Sanders

A Study Guide To Greater Bible Knowledge
 By: Wayne Jackson

Postmodernism in the Church
 By: Phil Sanders

Answering Islam
The Crescent in Light of the Cross
 By: Norman Geisler and Abdul Saleeb

Denominational Doctrines
 By: Jerry Moffitt

Is Rome The True Church?
A Consideration of the Roman Catholic Claim
 By: Norman Geisler and Joshua Betancourt

Life Changing Studies With An Open Bible
 By: The Winklers

Marriage Is For Those Who Love God And One Another
 By: Thomas Warren

Memphis School of Preaching Lectureships

Piloting The Strait
 By: Dave Miller

Ready Reference For Growing Christians
 By: Paul Sain

The Book God "Breathed"
 By: Keith A. Mosher, Sr.

The Complete Word Study (OT & NT) and Dictionary
 By: Spiros Zodhiates

The Quran Unveiled
 By: Dave Miller

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